Civil status:     Married. 4 children


                        Anesthesia and intensive care



                        Lived and worked abroad:

                        Kuwait, New Zeeland,

                        Saudi Arabia,

                        Norway (10 years)

Examins:         Psykology, Pedagogic

                        och Sociology

                        at the university of Lund 1957-59

                        Med. Lic. 1967

Intressts:          History of art, music, history,

                        biology and sailing.        


Name:       Hans Erik Huldt
Address:    S:t Clemensg. 27,

               25234 Helsingborg,


Address:      Långesandsv.33

               45295 Strömstad

Mobile:       0733 428013

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Future exhibitions

Malmoe congresshall

34th SSAI congress

6-8 sept 2017